Bloggers, Pat Yourselves on the Back

Walt at Random has a borderline “classic” post that chronicles Technorati’s blog and post counts the past few years.  It’s staggering how many blogs they count while so few are actually actively posted to. Walt writes (italics mine):

  • In April 2007, Technorati counted an average of 1.5 million posts per day.
  • In June 2008, Technorati counted an average of 900,000 posts per day: 40% fewer.
  • Extending back, Technorati reported 1.2 million posts per day in April 2006?and 900,000 in August 2005.
  • Here?s an odd figure: In August 2005, Technorati reported 14.2 million blogs and said 55% of them?or 7.8 million?were active. If that?s right, then the active blogosphere is basically where it was roughly four years ago, but with a whole lot of churn in between.
  • That also comes out to about one post every eight days for the active blogosphere (although of course the average doesn?t exist?1.5 million blogs had posts in a seven-day period)

So folks, once again we see that blogging is not something just anybody can do.  This “gold rush” attitude of getting your credit card out and buying web space isn’t turning into gold for just anybody.  In fact, it’s not turning into gold for hardly anybody.

So where do you stand?

I don’t know about you, but I blog because I enjoy it.  There is something amazing about broadcasting words immediately to the masses that gives me a sense of importance as well as responsibility.  When a cause somes along, I have 4 blogs to post on about it.  When there’s an opportunity to make some money, my blogs are like fishing nets out there capturing opportunity.  Are you like me?  I feel what is happening is kind of like a shakedown, or a gatekeeper situation:  the truly talented and intelligent bloggers are making a way for themselves that can’t be broken.  The weak-skills,  money-driven folks unwilling to hang in there are falling by the millions.

If you know how to open your admin section and craft a post with pictures and links in it, you have the skills to start.  If you know far more than that and you are posting regularly to your blog, pat yourself on the back because you are a rarity now.  Just hang in there and you may find a little farther down the road that people will call on you and they may have money!  They will not call on you because of your grand ideas or connections in the industry.  Instead they will call upon you because you have hung in there and proven yourself an established blogger.

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4 Replies to “Bloggers, Pat Yourselves on the Back”

  1. Wot, no comments
    This post deserves a thank you, froma fellow artist (photography this time, but I do play guitar and sing too!)

    Thanbks for the encouragement to press on and write (add images etc as I do).
    I think I’ll unsubscribe from all the MLM stuff and just stick to 2 or 3 that actually educate like Sean D’Souza ( you know him? good value and free til you buy his Brain Audit – I haven’t yet! )
    Anyway, best wishes – I really enjoyed your 50 ummm points for bloggers which I found elsewhere.

  2. Press on I will, my blogs are becoming more popular every month, in just 6 months I watched my blog grow from 100 visits per day to now an average of 400 per day, 400% growth in 6 months.

    You can quickly tell who is passionate about blogging, and who is just using it to try and make fast money.

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