Bloggers All Invent Themselves

First of all, I am not a privacy expert so don’t follow my advice like gospel. I’m speaking to those who get what servers are and how Facebook and Twitter work. If you don’t fall into that category, you might want to ignore my advice. You might call me the Naked Blogger because I share my life in an online diary almost every day. Some people might recoil at that but I sleep fine at night because I’ve paid attention over time and learned from what worked. Here’s my good advices to people like me:

Online diaries are online. Sharing names and places is only partly necessary. Most people who will read your diary do not know you. It’s okay to make stuff up. You’re arrogant to think people want to read about your grand notions of the world. They don’t care if you live or die so write that way. Hold out bait for those who might like to hear what you want to broadcast. Most of it is (bullshitting) so don’t take it seriously. Blog posts have a very short shelf life to be read. Now that you’ve read that, why reveal personal info?

The Internet is easily accessible but things can be deleted. Work must be considrered. If you assume you are being read by your bosses, write with a filter. If you’re creative enough, this is easy. If you get cold feet, you can delete your questionable words. It’s rare people will keep a record of your blog through the modifications.

In conclusion, I don’t live in fear of privacy concerns. People can find anyone nowadays. At the same time, I’m smart and I keep the power of my persona with me. I control what goes out and how I want to be seen. I recognize that is not and will never be the true me. That’s part of the allure for me. Believing you can portray yourself online accurately is arrogance.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Do Not Disturb.”

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