Got a Blog Routine? A Blog Tip

My first tip in this series is based on something we all get stronger by doing:


After I share my thoughts on blog routines, I hope you will join this conversation and share your tips and comments.

Establishing routines for your blog is the best way to generate “passive” traffic and income. While your blog should never become “botlike,” you can establish routines to make your blogging experience, or job if you do it for money, much more gratifying and successful. Routines can be like buying wholesale products over retail … it simply equals more value. A few posting routines I have integrated through the years have been:

  • Speedlinking
  • Monthly Blog Stats results
  • Blog Tip of the day (or week, month etc.)
  • Photo of the day
  • Series posts on various topics
  • Weekly podcast or videoblog

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To close, establishing and keeping blogging routines can make the “passive income” flow more freely if you do it for a living and the quality writing for friends and family as well. There are times when blog routines are good to share with your readers because they may lure them to subscribe and return. Other times you keep them to yourself and they simply help you stay faithful at posting. Do you have a blog routine?

4 Replies to “Got a Blog Routine? A Blog Tip”

  1. @Jessica The Rock Chick: My advice is to start small and un-complicated. For example, you may recall when I first started exploring podcasting, I made a commitment to record one every Friday. It was tough to keep even that schedule. You might try a “top ten” post once a week or every two weeks to get the feel for a routine and how to manage it.

  2. As I have two blogs, my major routine is to post each one regularly. I alternate days. One day is for blog #1 and the next day for blog #2. I never vary that routine and it seems to work.

  3. @Patricia: I love the simplicity of your routine. I’m working on a routine that will probably not work (most of mine don’t right away) where I do something new each day, for example:

    Sun: Speedlink posts
    Mon: Interviews
    Tue: Reviews
    Wed: Diary post
    Thur: Guest Blog Post
    Fri: Back-of-house-stuff
    Sat: Read other blogs and comment

    It’s always a work-in-progress here at the Funny Farm 😉

    Thanks for your comment.

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