my CAN Blog Stats May 2010

My goals were high in May and the fact that my hosting company crashed a disk losing all my data and keeping me offline for over a week didn’t help. Having said that, it was a great month for rearranging things and adjusting the way I do my blogroll. I’ve focused more on following people I can learn from and whom I enjoy. I no longer do reciprocal blogrolling just to keep friends. This has been a habit in the past and it really isn’t a win for anyone. Here’s my blog stats for May 2010!

Inbound Links (total): 6,459

Visits: 4197 and 135 visits a day/avg

Net:$146.18 (from PayU2Blog and Adsense)

Feed Subcribers: 278

Notes: As I continue down this road I call “Real Blogging,” I hope I don’t offend people I used to follow. The fact is that here you will find trusted links and recommendations that I myself enjoy. On many blogs, people are too busy going through the motions to generate disinterested reader traffic and create a facade to influence advertisers. I have tried this in the past and found it boring. Perhaps it is because I turn 41 in a couple days and am getting that annual “navel comtemplation” thing again. Or, maybe it’s because I am just sick of seeing the term “marketing” and “affilliate” pop up in my email and on my feed reader a bazillion times a day. As far as goes, you won’t see much of that stuff promoted. Thank you for hanging in there with me as I completely revamp the way I blog. My goal, of course, is still to make this a place many of you visit and enjoy. I think by listening to my wants first I have a better chance at being interesting out there in the sludge they call the blogosphere.

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