Blog Stats May 2009

These are my 3 blogs’ stats for May 2009. I record them here monthly for my benefit and to hopefully start a discussion on blog income and popularity.

I used the following sources to gather my data: For backlinks, Yahoo! Site Explorer; for visits, Google Analytics; and, for Net payment I just look at my PayPal statement.

Postcards from the Funny Farm
Backlinks: 8,238
Visits: 6,173

Damien at the Speed of Life
Backlinks: 4,579
Visits: 1,370

Dynamite Lesson Plan
Backlinks: 2,386
Visits: 1,207

Total earnings were $274.

Notes and reflections: May was a disappointing month in some ways and a revolutionarily cool one in others. I lost PageRank on my personal blog and Postcards which were both my biggest ad sources of income. Of course, the monster of irony is that the ads I got prior to losing my PageRank will now cease. It’s a dilemma that will probably never halt between good-hearted bloggers who seek to make a living and Google who seeks to take all that away. On a stranger note, my teaching blog gained a PageRank notch and is now a 3. If you look, last month I pretty much did every other post as a paid post … go figure. Google will never counsel you or tell you why they do what they do but in a way it’s a good thing:

I always explore more new things when I have no PR.

“Plenty to live for and nothin’ to lose.” -Dave Sharp

In a word I’ll describe my plans for June: “automate.”

’nuff said. See you with the blog stats that will follow on the other side of 40 in July. Take it easy.

So there ya have it! While I am always working on a perfect model to make money and reputation online, these folks are working an a better treatment for acne. I recommend checking their site out if that is an issue you struggle with. A lot of people do.

4 Replies to “Blog Stats May 2009”

  1. @Jessica The Rock Chick: Welcome to the game 🙂 I’ll never hang my hat on Google PageRank but you can certainly check it many ways which I will share. Your blogger blog will have PageRank but your WordPress won’t show it for probably a couple months at least. The following shows PageRank of given pages:

    Download The Google Toolbar (best)

    There are a million more, ust do a search on “Check PageRank”

  2. I haven’t totaled my May results yet, but pretty sure you have beaten me almost every month except February in earnings. I do separate out which blog earns me which, because I like to know which specific blogs are most profitable out of my three. Now that all 3 of my blogs are earning some money separately, I like to keep track at the end of the month which ones net me the most.

    Imagine that, my poetry blog is now popular enough that I was able to earn over $40 from just 3 blog posts, each one a unique poem embedded into the post itself.

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