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My wife talks to me a lot about presentation of her crafts and foods she makes (yes, I am a lucky man folks!). She is a stickler for making just the right presentation. She has been known to spend hours finishing a tray for company or a project for work. Though I usually roll my eyes and tell her she has OCD, (that is a joke folks), I see the value of presentation with food, work, and of course “blogging.”

Use sub-headings
Okay, so my first suggestion is hypocritical. I rarely use these. It doesn’t mean I don’t love reading posts with sub-headings. Sometimes, I’ll admit to you that all I end up reading of a post are these. I am sure I am not alone in this so choose them well. They may be the only post your audience ever reads. Here is a classic example of powerful sub-headings in a post by my blogging friend Michael Kwan.

Break up long paragraphs into smaller ones
This one I do try and practice with every post. We can argue as to how many sentences a paragraph should be but currently I am averaging about 8-10 sentences a paragraph. I am flexible on this number. As I said, I am not sure how many sentences make a good blog paragraph but I am sure we should think about it and experiment with it. Science tells us the human brain likes “small meals.” Making a blog post that is one long piece of prose is like traffic suicide.

There are other aspects of presentation I could get into such as themes and ad integration, but I’ll open up the floor to discuss these two aspects first. How do you use sub-headings and paragraph breaks in your blogging?

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  1. Thanks for the mention, Damien. I don’t use sub-headings all the time, but I do make a conscious efforts to keep my paragraphs to a reasonable length. Anything that starts to look a little too long has to be broken up into more manageable “chunks.” This is particularly true when it comes to blogging, since people have shorter attention spans and they’ll oftentimes only read half a sentence for each paragraph. Maybe.

    That’s also why sub-headings are so important too. In a book, people are more likely to read cover to cover and each “section” can be several pages without too much trouble. The same writing style simply doesn’t translate to blogging, since posts like that start to look too wordy, too substantial.

  2. I don’t see the sub-heading on Michael’s site, just a really angry doggie. 🙂 I’m sure it’s me, not you.

    I agree about breaking up paragraphs. I do that all the time. I recently wondered about the wisdom if it and tried not to do it so much, but after reading your feedback about it I’m gong to go back to doing things the way that makes sense to me.

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