Anti-Progress for 2018

I love thinking outside the box. There are ideas out there that are much better and I have found them to be better goals and measurements for my life.

This is a daily writing prompt in the form of a word from and that word is progress.

It’s almost New Years. Sure we can talk about resolutions for work, blogs, family, challenges, rewards, and more but none of those things is me. This year I can see that I’m outside the box. See what I mean? For this post I’ll start by listing the opposites of what I want or rather the things I don’t want in my 2018. It’s ironic these “don’t wants” are progress but they are for me. When I list the things I don’t it makes the things I do more clearer.

Things I don’t want in 2018

To eat fast food a lot

To criticize my kids and family

To stress about things

To be a perfectionist

To blame

To neglect time with my son

To neglect time with my daughters

To neglect time with my wife

To forget things that really matter

If you have a thought to share, please leave it in the comments. May your new year be wonderful. I hope you’ll stop by often.

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