An Appeal to Care


When Columbine happened I had this sick feeling.  I think everyone in the civilized world did.  I had that feeling again tonight as I read this story on Yahoo! of a man here in California who shot his entire family in their home and then himself.  What is going on?  I keep asking myself.

Are you as sensitive about these things as I am? Do you want things to get better? It may take work.  We as creative possibility thinkers of our time have to reach out more.  We need to embrace one another and show interest in the dreams and hopes of those in our circle.  This mass murder reported in the news is nothing new.  I have heard about things like this for years, long since Columbine.

We need to exemplify caring in our workplace and in our families.  There is no social program that will fix our society, it has to be one to one individual to individual.  Show you care for others today.  I won’t sit here and tell you there will be a return on your investment.  Of course there might.  But do it because it’s the right thing to do, not because you’ll get something back.

When I imagine that other people like you are showing caring in this world, I sleep better at night.

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  1. Terribly sad story, and unfortunately, not all that an uncommon one. People who are suicidal are not only a danger to themselves, they can also be a danger to those around them. Depression severely alters your thought process and a murder-suicide like this can actually be seen by the person as an act of caring. That the world and life just suck so bad that they are actually saving the others from similar pain and suffering.

    I didn’t know this until today, but it’s National Mental Illness Awareness Week. I was thinking of writing some posts attempting to explain what I could and possibly debunking some myths. This story should remind us all that depression is an illness and not something you can just “cowboy up and shake off”. Want to join me with a post or two this week? (I hope I have time to write them LOL)

    Jessica The Rock Chicks last blog post..Things That Make You Go

  2. I think that probably one of the saddest parts about this is the fact that this was financially driven (at least from what I have heard) and that he felt that there was no other way out….

    In a roundabout way, money (or the lack thereof) cost this family their lives….as a society, I think we should make it easier for people to reach out when they really need the help rather than all the negative stigmas that are put on a bad financial situation. Yes people need to care, but people also need to reach out when they need a friend.

    Nicks last blog post..New Gmail Feature For Drunk People

  3. I think that our “I gotta get mine” society has gotten to the point the vast majority of people will do anything to get ahead and that includes stepping on others. This creates those who feel dejected and that there is no hope for a happy life. I am hoping this economic recession will bring us all together so we forget about who has the most toys and help each other get through the hard times ahead.

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