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ROW80I wrote some awesome goals last ROW80 check in but today I realized I had not included reading other people’s blogs. As I wrap up my goals for this round, this is what it’s all about for me. What good is any success or personal growth if it doesn’t include connecting with other good people out there blogging. I know it can be easy to forget the importance of reading and commenting when all out personal goals take so much of our time. Reading other people’s blogs is the most important thing I can do, the way I see it, even more than writing my own posts. So with that in mind, here is my adjust list of goals going forward as the round closes:

  • Meditate daily in the am and write down things I’m thankful for. (non public)
  • Read/comment on other people’s blogs for 20 mins to 1 hour daily.
  • Write a Daily Post Prompt, tag with #postaday on Twitter.
  • Write a daily movie review post. I have a lot of catching up to do!
  • Write a weekly post in Mama Kat’s Writing Workshop.
  • Write a Stream of Consciousness Saturday post each Saturday. Use blog tag #SOCS
  • Write blog post updates for ROW80 Wed and Sun (on hiatus til Round 3)
  • Add Twitter hashtag #ROW80 to Wed/Sun updates.
  • Add updates to the ROW80 Facebook group.
  • Rate every movie I watch on IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes. If I have time, write a review too.
  • Participate in the Gratitude Circle challenge the last Thu of each month.

My macro goals are to read more blogs as a member of the community, review more movies, and become a better writer.


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  1. Blogs are social, and commenting on fellow writers’/bloggers’ posts is definitely important. I love the ROW80 community for that reason. It provides a great place to share posts and connect with other writers. I aim to comment on three-five blogs every day, usually fellow ROW80 participants’ posts, but not always. I just enjoy interacting with other creative types.

    Good luck with your goals!

  2. Somehow, when I’m intensely engaged with my characters, to the point of immersion, I tend not to visit as often. I think it has to do with the fact that I prefer a peaceful life, and, even with four strong-willed, passionate people of diverse ages sharing one small house, we have that here…

    But that doesn’t make for good storytelling, so my characters live much more volatile lives, and they fill me up.

    I try to make up for it whenever I surface from the depths of the story. So, although that makes me a bit erratic, socially, it works for me, both feeding my need to connect and grow, and my need to be inside my characters, and present in the lives of the three Real People who have the right to expect me to be…(the two who call me mom, and the one who calls me wife, that is!).

    Not only are your goals concise and well-defined. they also look very interesting. I’m thinking I may be coming back to click on some of those links once I finish up another June project or two, and the people in my head will let me! =)

      1. Oh, I don’t! I like them all chaotic and messy and like real life. =D That’s when all the best stuff happens – when they go off the script completely…

        Although that time the Vulcan lady shifted gears totally, and in the middle of a sentence certainly wasn’t very logical, and made my head spin…

        No Vulcans in this story, though…but plenty of unexpected developments, all the same.

        I really think that good solid goals that suit our vision and the way we live and tick are the key to ROW80 success.

        See you round Round 3!

  3. After 2 years of ROW80, I have formed some wonderful friendships, one’s that are continuing to grow and help me grow as a writer.

    Might have to come back and explore some of those links. 🙂

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