Accentuate the Positive

Have you noticed in your life there are some people who are always happy? Nothing gets them down and they are just great to be around? That’s how I hope to be . . . I am sure I don’t always acheive it though.

There is a lot of negative energy in this world. I have learned through hard experience not to give it my energy or attention. The next time someone says something or you read something that tends to get your gander up, just breathe and say “That’s negative energy, I have no time for it.”

When you figure we all get “80 years with luck or even less” (Pink Floyd quote) it is a bad idea to accept energy into our lives that breaks down. We need stuff that builds up in everything we let in. If negative people claim you ignore them and their thoughts, just tell them a quote someone shared with me once: “Worse things have happened at sea.” Accentuate the positive, you won’t regret it.

13 Ways I Stay Positive:

  1. Positive self talk.
  2. Compliment people around me.
  3. Practice “Possibility” thinking.
  4. Take time to order my work and living areas
  5. Consciously smiling more
  6. Movement (exercise, for example)
  7. Having real expectations
  8. Practied thankfulness (attitude of grattitude)
  9. Saying “Whatever it is I have it is enough for today.”
  10. Swim (in the warmer months) Exercise etc.
  11. Roll on the carpet and play with my kids and dog physically.
  12. Play guitar
  13. Write

Over time, accentuating the positive will become a habit. People will pick up on it and you’ll have your own diligent effort to thank.

7 Replies to “Accentuate the Positive”

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  2. Great list, Damien! I excel at number 3. Number 4 is my true downfall, but progressing there.

    Number 5, consciously smiling, can actually lead to some of the others, I’m smiling. I think I will go organize something now. Thanks for the reminder.

  3. Positive living is all I have time for these days. If other people are negative, it’s harder to be around them. I know we should be kind to everyone, but negative people just bring me down. Staying clear of them is almost a healthy boundary issue. That’s great you’re gonna organize! That can be a great feeling.

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