A Tiny Billionaire

With just weeks until the Presidential election, Trump has begun crying foul of Clinton, the media, and women who claim he groped and sexually assaulted them at some point in his 70 years on this earth. They are coming out of the woodwork. I’ve been listening to him assauly Hillary Clinton for almost a year now and mostly I ignored him until I had a chance to check out the facts before I got concerned about her. Well, now that Trump is essentially inciting the mob mentality in his voters, so of whom are my personal friends, I thouht it best to reserach these accusations against hillary and write a blog post explaining who Trump is. After all this time and his raucous behavior, I am shocked any of my friends still support him. That’s why I’m putting this out. I find his followers to be militant in their hatred of the federal givernemnet and of Hillary Clinton. I think it’s important that those of us intending to work within the system we have to affect change, and let’s be very clear here, Trump is no statesman and would happily destroy our system if it served his interests, to put out thoughts out there. Our system is under attack from a tiny billionaire. Trump reminds me of the king in this video and yet, you supporters of him are clamoring to lift him up. He is a trainwreck and he doesn’t care who he insults or hurts to get himself into the oval office. Below are two articles that I feel are well reasoned and put Hillary’s mistake in Benghazi into perspective. I hope you will stop listening to his shit about these two things, but that’s your right either way.


Hillary Clinton Benghazi Story: Everything You Need to Know about What Happened

Using her personal email server to conduct business:

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