A Reminder of Why Sports are Good for Kids

I was entertained by my son’s game tonight.  It had just as much excitement as an NBA courtside seat.  My son did great.  This was his first real competitive game at age 10 and I was so impressed to see him get out there and get his workout.  Since I’m new to this I may be preaching to the choir.  Before I get to the list, let me recommend a link to you:

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Back to my son’s game: His coaches have trained the team to clap for each other.  They do this when someone scores and even when they shoot and miss.  It was really neat to see these one decade old people having such a habit of encouragement.  I think sports are great for a myriad of reasons but after watching the game tonight, here’s what came to mind:  Sports are good for kids because,

  1. The reveal character
  2. They teach you how to work with others.
  3. They teach you the importance of strategy.
  4. You can escape the drama of 5th grade and get out on the court.
  5. They keep you physically active and mentally sharp.

He’ll be playing at the high school soon as that is where they play their championship games.  I’ll try and get some photos and share with you how cool his games are.

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