Every time I look at my phone it’s 9:09, or 1:11, etc. The same numbers. My wife says I’m crazy so I’m not telling her anymore >:) The mothership may be sending me messages so if you don’t see me one day, remember this post. 9 is an interesting number. It feels like one short. Nobody can take a girl on a date with 9 bucks but ten makes it sound doable.

The month and year are both 9’s today. That means we are on the verge, the precipice, the balcony of something great. Do you feel it? Make it your launching pad. Start something you’ve been wanting to do. Let me know, I’d be thrilled to be part of it because of this post on 9-9. In honor of it being 9-9, here is the great REM playing their tune from the early 80’s entitled “9-9.” Give this old video a chance. REM were about 23 when this was recorded. Think of all they did. It started with arcane tunes like this. They were one of my favorite bands growing up. countdown … liftoff …

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