5 Pieces Of Wisdom At Age 47 – And One Mistake Everyone Should Make

With today marking the 47th year of my life, I thought it fitting and exciting to post this. I would say I have gathered a little wisdom through my time. One example of that is the wisdom to keep things brief. That’s why I chose to limit my list to 5 things.

For the past several years, I have blogged every day. Blogging is writing and sharing. There is also a tech element to it that I greatly enjoy. Blogging has taught me books-worth of information about life. Thanks for being a reader of my thoughts, whether through prose, diary, or movie reviews. I digress however, here is my tiny set of wisdom points, shared with you my friends, family, and readers:

  • Anything I want to be known for I ought to be doing.
  • Maintain a guilty pleasure every day. If it eels like too much once in a while take breaks from it. (Like coffee for example)
  • “Do not go to them, let them come to you.” -Morrissey
  • If you’re nervous it’s time to slow your pace.
  • Breathe. Study breathing. Practice breathing. Read about mindfulness.

And last but not least: The one mistake all should make is:

  • Stand in haste to speak once or twice. If you can find the bravery this is akin to a personal university one gains a PhD from.

Thanks to all my friends for the happy birthday wishes! Also, thanks for reading my blog, a guilty pleasure of mine 🙂 I hope some more wisdom comes through that once in a while.

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