3 Health Goals

Three letter acronyms like UFO and VHF have been used through time to make terms memorable. I create my own acronyms in various aspects of my life to define goals and set thereby set more focused priorities. As a personal blogger I really have no more or no less to offer my readers than my personal areas of knowledge. I have a large array of bits of information on an exclusive set of things. Up to now, that has included teaching, blogging (the nuts and bolts), movie reviews, humor, and some others.

Recently, health has, by chronic necessity, become a study of mine. I am by no means an expert on health and relaxation but I am gathering crucial and valuable information on it daily. It is for this reason, I am attempting to start a new category here called appropriately “health.” Since health affects every human alive, I am hopeful it will interest some. I also know that most, myself included, find the topic dull until they are in the throes of a health scare. I hope those in the healthy and disinterested camp will read these posts but if they don’t, I will fully understand if they pass this category by. I will try to keep these posts as universally relevant as possible.

Today, in the post of introduction of my new category I want to share the three essential health goals I have for myself these days (they are not in order of importance):


The acronym “RED” has a lot to do will well being and health. I look forward to sharing what I am learning in these areas. How do you feel about the topic of health?

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