10 Examples of Barbaric Psychiatry

Mental health has not been an exact science for long. Some argue it still isn’t and that psychiatry is barbaric. Here is a simple list of ten types of psychiatry that qualify to me as barbaric, past and present:

  1. ECT – Electric Shock
  2. Lobotomy
  3. Trephining (drilling a hole into the skull revealing the brain.)
  4. Bleeding
  5. Witch Trials
  6. Water dunking
  7. Unkempt Asylums
  8. Striking (sometimes to the head with bats)
  9. Opium and ether
  10. Over generalized diagnosis and prescription of psychotropic drugs for many mental disorders.

5 Replies to “10 Examples of Barbaric Psychiatry”

  1. I’d have to say I agree with your list! I’m also amazed that anyone would think that some of these treatments could even possibly be effective. I mean, seriously, did anyone ever believe at any time that hitting someone i the head with a bat could have any positive result?

    Jessica The Rock Chicks last blog post..Sign of the Times

  2. Isn’t it incredible what we have done to our mentally ill through time? Frankly, I think over-prescribing some of these powerful drugs and advertising them on TV as if they are cure-all for feelings is just as bad as “striking” with bats and other implement (boy that was a long ass sentence huh?) 😉 Thanks for the comment JTRC.

  3. I agree. Sometimes medications are warranted and necessary but they should be prescribed, taken and monitored with caution.

    Humans are supposed to have feelings. It’s ok to be happy, sad, angry, etc. There is a difference between feeling sad emotions and being depressed. The commercials sometimes make it seem like there isn’t or maybe there shouldn’t be and that’s what I have a problem with.

    Jessica The Rock Chicks last blog post..Happy Halloween!

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