I Want to Be Somebody’s Shaman When I Grow Up

IMG_2283My kid Julie is 7. Sometimes she clams up but other times the has the most side splitting things to say. Tonight she said: “When I grow up I want to be a singer, a teacher, and work at Sonic.” I told her she would be all those things and then some.

It’s funny how they tell you as a child how you will one day choose your job. In my life it’s usually been the other way around. They ought to be asking how will you deal with the job you get? I’m going back to my classroom/job in a few days. As I sit here in this nice jacuzzi I think about the job that chose me and how I can be the best that I can be. “You’re in the Army now kid. Your fun is over now back to front.”

When I grow up I want to be relaxed, confident, somebody’s Shaman, maybe just my own. Oh yeah, and maybe work at Sonic. It sounds fun when Julie says it.

Hardest Job First, The Rest is Downhill

A few days ago I started the arduous task of getting algae from my pool. It is a common and difficult thing as any pool cleaner and/or owner will tell you. It sounds like an innocuous task but I have learned year after year that it takes hard work, time, and patience to do it. The filter is the biggest weapon. You can put all the chemicals you can buy into your pool and the algae may wane. Eventually however it will come back and usually when you are away on vacation or otherwise unable to offer a retaliatory strike. When you have algae, the filter needs to be cleaned or backwashed. This is the “fish gill” through which the water must pass. It can take 48-72 hours for all the water in a pool to pass through a filter but when it’s clean, boy howdy it really cleans the water. There are other tips I may get into at another time but the universal takeaway is this: Do the big jobs first when they pay the biggest dividend. You can see the top of my filter tank behind me in the photo. That is my biggest wrestling job when getting algae out of my pool.

We All Want Life to Flow

Whether it’s at work or at home, it’s safe to say we all want our lives to flow. Inevitably, we hit rocks in the river that slow us down. It’s up to is to be the light of our life and keep our boat flowing freely down the river. I want this blog to be a reflection of that. There have been many years where I would strive to do things with my writing: make money, get followers, increase rank … But now things have calmed way down. All I want to do is share feelings with my readers. I prefer a “quick and dirty/stream of consciousness” style. Days of crafting the perfect blog post are long past. So, it’s a new dawn of blogging for me. I’m in the river but not rowing, floating on my back ever going deeper out to sea, where the blog gods will bury me. Welcome.