My Word of the Year 2016: Peace

My word of the year is peace. Through the power of intention, I hope to increase peace in my life and others’ in 2016.

Courtyard at the Ayers Mission Viejo

Reading through the #MondayMusings hashtag posts I ran across a blog post regarding a Word of the Year for 2016. The author, a blog friend of mine Corinne Rodrigues, was explaining her word of the year for last year and she offered a link to a worksheet for finding ones own Word of the Year. I thought it sounded cool and since New Years Day is fast approaching, I downloaded the worksheet pdf by Christine Kane and checked it out. I wrote out my responses in my journal and came up with my word of the year:


It is certainly something I have currently but want to be intentional inwardly about it in hopes of increasing the peace of others as well in the new year 2016. It will look like many things different from now but most are personal so I will choose to keep them off my online diary. Have you chosen your word of the year yet?

Christmas Eve 2015

Waiting for the kids to go to sleep. We’re going to play Santa. I love my family, they truly rock. My wife bought crab for tomorrow. As we walked by this end cap at the grocery store, I was struck by its lively colors. That’s what this life is all about. Riley Central like Grand Central Station is full of these colors and more. I’m a lucky guy.

Photoblog Focus: More Fun, Less Text

These check in posts for #ROW80 are great for me because I can make a line to start something new. I’m going to try photoblogging with minimal text for a while and see where that goes.

I really enjoy Flickr and Instagram so I’ve rigged it to where those host the images I make photoblogs of on WordPress. I’m setting out to do 3/day. That will push me to take more photos.

Words aren’t dead just way less important to my posts. I feel like nobody has time to read blogs anyway.

Fire Leaves Soot

I’ve been making fires in this house since 2007. Only this year have I noticed that fire leaves soot. Today was a good day. I made hamburgers. I usually don’t cook. Things are going well, I’m learning more about post formats. tumblr really is the leader in this style of blogging. I may just start doing all my posts from there and crossposting out. WordPress will always be the best but you learn what works for you sometimes, and it’s surprising where you end up. Short entry tonight, my neck hurts and my wife and I discovered a romantic comedy series called “Catastrophe.” It’s pretty hilarious.

Stream of Consciousness Lobster

I went out today and I bumped into this dishy redhead Canadian in deepest, darkest Newtown. I brought her home for 11.99 NZD! The local blue cod was $1600. My best fishing day in quite a while.

“The Lobster” is the title of a movie where it seems the characters have a month in a posh hotel (this is the future mind you) looking for a mate. This is NOT a review of the movie, nor a synopsis. If they find a mate in the movie, their stay continues with double occupancy and if they fail, they remain single and are turned into an animal of their choosing.

I reiterate, I do nor understand this movie but I will when it’s done and then I will write about it in my #moviereviews category. It looks red hot as most lobsters do so please stay tuned to hear a real synopsis one I finish it in about an hour. It is a comedy methinks.

I once read a book about psychology that described some defensive traits as like lobster claws: the soft fleshiness is on the inside while the world only sees a hard exoskeleton. Who would want to shake hands with a lobster? I’d be getting some before letting then turn me into a lobster.

This is in response to the weekly wrting prompt: #SoCS Jan. 9/16