The Blogger’s Schedule

damien_johnnyGoals for 2017
Using IFTTT can be helpful to crosspost from social media to blog
This is my schedule cycle (doesn’t have to be in this order)
(crosspost to RC)

  1. Instagram (My photos)
  2. Flickr (Favorites I Follow)
  3. Tumblr (Reblogs)

  4. RC Original Blog Post

  5. ROF Original Post

Going in:
Flickr to RC: Favorites from Flickr get posted in photoblog
Tumblr to RC: Any new post (reblog) on Tumblr gets posted in tumblr and reblogs
Use Flickr sharing to post to FB
Dead Destinations ar RC and FB.

To some people blogging is a mystery. How often do I do it? What and where do I blog? The parameters are so wide open, it can feel agoraphobic sometimes. While blogger schedules vary greatly, I have self-assigned blogging work I write every day. *Note: I try to, am not always up to date though. I thought I’d let you in on what my current schedule looks like. There aren’t many mysteries when you have a plan.

In blogging, there are many unknown variables but one thing I’ve learned is that if you have no goals or plan as a blogger, you’re dead in the water. My goals help me create a schedule. Inch by inch life’s a cince. How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.

Every once in a while, like I assume most successful people do, I have to readjust my goals. I’ve been following and refining my goals for years now and this is my current list. I’d say I am a bit closer to where I want to be. It takes baby steps sometimes, that’s where typed-out goals and tasks come in handy. The key is knowing when your goals need to be adjusted.

One thing to note: Unlike most bloggers who have only one, I have 4 blogs. You will find their names below. This is helpful for building niche relationships (ie; Riley on Film) as well as giving advertisers broader options. First, some standard ideas for blog posts. Second, a daily list of suggestions.

Compile a list of jokes
Develop a quiz – Use a quiz-building application like Online Quiz Creator, and make your next post into a game for your readers.
Write an ultimate list
Make a handwritten post and publish it by taking a photo – Hand-written texts look amazing and shows your creativity as well as character.
Post “Types”
Weekly Roundups
Yearly Roundups
Seasonal Roundups


  1. Tweet/like/retweet stuff.
  2. Read/engage w other people’s’ blogs.
  3. Try to do one of these each day or as close to that as is possible.

Weekly Schedule:

  1. Mon: publish weekly Column on Riley Central.
  2. Tue: Publish Online Diary post on Riley Central.
  3. Wed: commentary on a quote or photo. Tumblr reblog day.
  4. Thu: Write a Movie Review and/or Mama Kat’s Writing Workshop
  5. Fri: Publish Online Diary post on Riley Central.
  6. Sat: Write a Movie Review. Participate in some writing circles like #SoCS
  7. Sun:
    a. Do #WeeklyRoundup on blogs.

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