Diary Entry: July 13, 2017 at 09:05PM

This photo of two strangers to me reminded me how lucky I am to have an awesome cool wife. Tomorrow we are going on a date night to see “The Big Sick.” When we first met she was a waitress and I would come in and get breakfast at her place.

Definition of Champion

A champion is a person who is not concerned about the eyes on me but rather the eyes within. A true champion measures her/his success on her/his own terms.

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There is no trophy other than the one a champion self-grants. The world says to go for the gold but the true champion knows that gold is symbolic and not the actual goal.

I just watched the documentary Gleason last night and he was a champion in football by everyone’s standards. Later in life while managing ALS, he was again a champion for lobbying the government to provide special speaking devices for ALS patients. Even that is what we read in the press, a trophy of sorts.

His day to day survival and finding contentment is what I see the real champ in. Only the person knows if she/he is a true champion.

There is something I want badly to say to someone who has wronged me. I need to find out what makes me tick and be about the business of that, not confronting people in anger. If I can refrain, I am a champion, though unsung. I’d rather be an unsung champion and know who I am in peace than an external one based on a symbol like a trophy in front off the masses.

Talking Stars #40 – ‘Rom Coms’

Here’s a fun podcast I made with the help of my blog film critics cohorts. It sounds like we made a few new fans of ROM COMS!

Show Notes: What makes a good ROM COM? 4 blog film critics set out to discover the answer.
9AM – Pre show chatter. I will be aim to direct a running time of
50 mins or less.
*Segment One – Intro show and panel

Hosting – Damien of Riley Film Reviews
Darren – Movie Reviews 101
Kira – Film and TV 101
Audrey – 1001 Movies and Beyond
Zoe – Zobo With a Shotgun

*Segment Two – Panel Shares their Film(s) We’ll start with our first
pick and if we have time we’ll try a second. First a quick go around

“What makes a good ROM COM?” Then the reviews.



*Segment Three – Shameless Plugs/Current Projects (Go around)

*Segment Four – Host thanks the panel. Final word from Host then he
says: We are out.

We talked about the possibility of sharing 4 more ROM COMS on a future show.

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