Diary Entry 7/7/2017 – I Love to Feel the Rain in the Summertime

A few cool things to share this morning, this:

My wife’s friend at work picked this us at a record store since my wife shared I was a big Alarm fan. I’m in awe!

And this …

Sarah and I went to the movies last night.

Oh and one other thing, I got called up to be on the panel Sunday on the LAMBcast. My good friend MovieROB is Leading because he won MOTM with Saving Private Ryan. I watched it yesterday while eating buffalo wings. I don’t mean any disrespect, but they were so good!

Life is good! I’ll be wise to not fly too high as it isn’t how high you jump but how straight you walk when you hit the ground again. An old church quote I picked up that has served me well.

Damien Scott



Why worry about the dark when you don’t even see what’s going on…

Why worry about the dark when you don’t even see what’s going on in the daylight?

Sitting on a corn flake here. Enjoying Across the Universe. Bono is singing the Walrus tune.

It was so hot driving out in Victorville today, my relatively new custom vehicle could not make it cool inside.

I’m finally happy with my blog setup. Care to know my system? Don’t count on setting it up right for you. I make no such guarantee, but here’s mine:


1) rileyonfilm.com 2 reviews every 24 hrs. auto send to twitter via ITTT

result: 2 movie review tweets every 24 hrs on twitter

2) rileycentral.net 4 blog posts (some recycled) every 24 hrs. auto send to twitter via IFTTT (This site also syndicates all my online stuff apart from “it” on “it.”) Online diary posts are posted on Tumblr and brought in via a RSS plugin.

result: 4 (+ the 2 aforementioned) assorted tweets every 24 hrs on twitter “6″

3) Podcasts and education/teaching related articles are published throughout the week. damienriley.com , damienrileypodcast.podomatic.com/ , dynamitelessonplan.com 

Simple right? Trust me, you do not want to live this hell. Run from blogging!!!! I mean it!!! You’ve been warned.


Holy Cracked Molar it’s the 4th of July

Yesterday I bit into a nut bar and cracked my lower left molar in half. I assume the other half is in my system somewhere. But other stuff is happening too. Read on for the online diary.

It’s weird because that tooth has given me pain and sensitivity for years now. Sometimes it would stop hurting for months. Most recently, it just acted up when I but down. So, I learned to bite and chew mostly on the right side. The past week or so, it’s been hurting when I have slip-ups and chew hard things on it. Now, it’s broken off and the strangest thing has happened. I only have ½ a tooth back there but it doesn’t hurt and I can even even bite down fully on harder foods with no pain. It’s bliss. I was so afraid I’d have unbearable pain but I actually chew better now! For the concerned out there, I am planning a trip to the dentist and I am keeping that area well brushed and “Listerined.” The cave man in me wonders how long I could go on without a trip there. Is pain the only reason we go? Well, there is preventative maintenance. I’ll probably go pretty soon for that. Not so sure it will be over my Summer though. There are too many movies to watch both at home and in the theater. Furthermore, add amazing binge-worthy tv. I am on “The Path” with Aaron Paul currently. It’s a great show but you have to go on faith until about season 1 episode 5. That’s where I was officially hooked.

Been thinking about cutting back on coffee. I’m in my second day of pressing the 4 oz Keurig button instead of the 12 oz one. Surprisingly, it seems to be working. I feel less blazed on caffeine all day. As get older I need to remember I do what I do, regardless of coffee, I don’t need it. Sniff sniff, sad that I have to start that mantra but I do.

I’ve identified 200 great movies as a list. I continue to enjoy blog film criticism on several fronts. rileyonfilm.com hosts my reviews and I put up a lot of stuff to read and see on my twitter page @rileyonfilm

What are you up to? I dig them comments! The few, the proud, the commenters!

This is a heavenly photo to me. There is such a strong sense of…

This is a heavenly photo to me. There is such a strong sense of belonging and home in it. Things I could go in and do: Eat rocky road ice cream, watch the Brady Bunch, be a superblogger (I do that anywhere I am).

I like photos that relax me. My goal is to train my mind to summon these images when I’m stressed or otherwise out of sorts. There’s a book called the Relaxation Response I really dig. It was written in the 70′s. To be able to consciously look at an image, imagine it, or do some physical action and invoke the relaxation response has been a goal of mine for many years. This is one of those images.

Why don’t we treat relaxation with the credit it deserves in our lives?

"How you make others feel about themselves says a lot about you."

“How you make others feel about themselves says a lot about you.”

(via thelovejournals)

I really needed to hear this tonight. I thought I was doing someone a favor and they stabbed me in the back. When this happens, I have a tendency to want to get back at the person but I know that isn’t helpful.

Tomorrow I will have to see this person and I want to focus on making them feel good. Not a very exciting proposition I know but it’s the way I was raised. I don’t want to live with a me who makes people feel bad. With all that I am and all I can try to be, I want people who come into contact with me to feel good. Of course, there is a time to stand up for yourself but I don’t think I am anywhere near that with this person. They actually are pretty sad and need my help not my chastising.

Have you been in a situation where someone stabbed you in the back when you helped them? How did you deal with it.

Please please please leave me a comment.

Life and Chalk Lines

Photo credit: darksilenceinsuburbia

I’ve been making chalk lines lately. I think I’m getting close to the best boundaries. I’ve learned through trial and error what shouldn’t bother me, like work fears (irrational ones that is). I used to get those so much when I found out after the fact I was doing a way better job than most. It’s my personality to second guess myself. I’m taking care of that line.

I’m giving myself more lattitude to make mistakes. Life is one big first take. We do get second tries on most things. Think about it. I think the highest individual is the ne who sees failure and let down as part of the whole picture that makes us “US.” I wouldn’t be here today with the peace I feel without the stress of past days. My how I thought the end had come more than once. It’s a great aphorism to “sleep on it.” In the am this are always smaller, more compressed. For younger people it’s hard to sleep. I tell you there is an art and talent in not giving a shit. If you aren’t there, aspire to it and don’t hate those who are there, like me.

Classroom Setup 2015

We only had one day this year to get our rooms ready for the first day of school. As is traditional, I’m posting photos. Tomorrow is the first day the kids come back. I’m excited about fleshing out all the content walls, including the new feature: a college wall.

One of the final views. Notice the cut out letters at the top.
Mr. Pig and Mr. Duck are ready!
Tables in position.

I only had a day. there is SO much for a teacher to do, a list is invaluable. without one, I’d be dead in the water.
Notice how the walls are bare? This is what I came to work to find today.

Blog Stats for 2015 – No Bozo!

In high school, there was a popular slogan replete with bumper stickers going around town. The sticker/slogan read:

No Bozo.

After reading through several blogs bragging of enormous post counts as that are indeed higher than mine, I felt it was a good slogan for my year end blog stats post. So,

No Bozo.

I have purposefully NOT used the WordPress.com stats helper monkeys to make this post. They are shiny with nice graphics but they are way over used imho and miss the point of blogging.

It’s not about post counts but rather how much your reader counts on a post from you.

3 Facts:

  1. I’ve blogged something at least once per day. Quite frequently I’ve posted up to 3 posts per day. I’ve developed templates and routines that make this easy and fun to do.
  2. I’ve fulfilled my 11 year dream this year of making Riley Central a place where all my online projects come together. I crosspost from/to flickr, tumblr, WordPress dot com (Note, my blog is not a WP dot com but rather a WordPress dot org blog. There are many plugins I use that cannot be used on WordPress dot com), twitter and other profiles. Let me make sure you understand how cool this is: ex. I can upload a high res photo to flickr, add a description and have it appear immediately as a draft post on my blog.
  3. I have a theme I love and am very experienced with: twenty eleven I know what I sacrifice and what I gain by using it.

I make goals and measure my success by them through #ROW80

I know more about blogging on WordPress than I can ever relay on a blog, so I won’t try.

I am a successful blogger based on my own measurable goals that I set. Here’s to more of that and personal growth through blogging in 2016. To all who put up with my typos and sometimes needlessly long word counts, I thank you and salute you!

No Bozo!

Happy New Year!

My Six String Therapist

My best guitar playing happens on a couch. I’m so glad I can play guitar for me and not for some record company. It’s a therapeutic machine that build me up and stirs up creativity.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Express Yourself!.” What’s your favorite way to express yourself, creatively?

I know recording a hit album is likely the coolest way for a musician to express her/himself but there’s a lot to be said for flopping down with an acoustic guitar on a couch and feeling the buzz. I think it must surprise my wife and kids when they hear me pickin’ an arcane 80’s tune or otherwise barely discernible guitar melody. I don’t play as much as I used to. I used to want to be the guitarist on the studio end of records. I thought about it all the time in fact until my late twenties.

I’ve recorded and made amateur cd’s and such of my music all that stuff seems self important now. I play my guitar for therapy and have no apologies for it. I hear about the trials and travails of million dollar songwriters these days and I’m no longer jealous of a life in music. I used to pursue it quite ardently. My music is now on the couch or in my classroom where I use it to get kids excited about learning. Still, I have years invested in the instrument and it is still my #1 method of self expression, apart from blogging.

Pit Stop at Stateline on the Way to Vegas

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Singular Sensation.” If one experience or life change results from you writing your blog, what would you like it to be?

We just stopped at Stateline, we’re making great time on our way to Vegas, namely the South Point resort. Tomorrow We get on a plane for Tennessee. We’re seeing Rascal Flatts at the Grand Old Opry in Nashville on Tuesday. Another amazing time away with my lovely wife of 13 years. I feel blogging sometimes resembles bragging but I’ve been doing it for so many years I don’t think I can stop. I’ll try to be tasteful though.

I like it that I can compose blog posts on the road or at home with a certain level of dexterity and with little frustration. Though it benefits only myself and a small handful of followers, it’s a skill I’m proud of. Blogging has taught me some shit! Believe that.