Planning Like a Boss

planning[1]When the heat is on in the city and systems aren’t humming, even New York City makes a new game plan. In the same way a simple individual like a teacher in a sleepy desert town can make a new plan when things just aren’t working. I’ve had a little of that lately and today I planned for success like a boss.

Tomorrow I’m trying some new approaches to the same standards I’ve taught for years. I hope they work. My goal is to engage every child, even when the standards aren’t as “exciting” as each child would want. I think we as teachers need to always be reinventing the wheel because the track changes often.

Planning like a boss is my secret weapon against adversity. I do it very well. Today I spent some time making a new lesson plan template and I feel energized to go in tomorrow and make stuff happen. Actually, I like the word “foster” better than “make.” You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make her/him drink. This weekend’s rest and home improvement jobs have renewed my mind and I am ready to be super teacher tomorrow.

Author: Damien Riley

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