More at Home in the Present

Learning to relax was a key component for more peace in my life. I can say every bit of work I did toward that paid off and was well worth it.

What if now was all you had? Would you spend time to anticipate the future? What if now was to soon be the future and the future was soon to be now. Weird to think about.

Through the years I have learned the value of being content in the now. I used to long and yearn for the future and material things but I found that was fleeting. At my age now, I wish I could speak with my younger self and tell him, “Find calm.” For me, the truth is that the now is all there is.

I use Remember the Milk to remember my tasks and Google Calendar for events, like taking my kid to the orthodontist. These tools help me save it and leave it. I know a reminder will come so that gives me peace. These are just one thing I have done to make myself more at home in the present.

Author: Damien Riley

I'm an online diarist, blog film critic, & podcaster. My views on films and life are often 'left of center' on, but I have respect for other viewpoints. I married my high-desert princess (now my queen). We have 3 children.

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