Looking up at 48 – The Damien Riley Podcast

Well here I am looking up at 48 years old. My online diary entry for June 6, 2017. I’ll be turning 48 years old this Friday and I have to say I prefer 48 to 38, even to 28 because I know where all the “good stuff” is so I don’t have to waste any time looking for it. Listen to the rest of my audio post below.

The hardest thing is cutting out the “time wasters” one can freely enjoy in his twenties and thirties. Now I know that time’s going by quickly and in two years I’ll be 50 years old so I don’t want to be wasting as much time as I used to. Whereas I might have had 5 blogs when I was 30, I’ll only have 3 at 48. Some may find that funny because they have a hard time with one.

And I definitely have a hard time with 3 but I like to challenge myself and really I need three blogs for the way I express myself and the ways that I sometimes make money. I currently make about $100 a month. There were times I made 300-500 but tat was not on my own terms so the amounts I make these days are very meaningful.

I really do enjoy doing movie reviews these days. I fell into a podcast partnership with Darren Lucas and we have a lot of fun doing the Talking Stars Podcast. We are a team of 3 filmcritics (Including the third who is Kira Comerford) and we simply talk about movies on our own podcast.

I have my rileycentral.blog going strong. That’s been hanging around since 2005. It’s where all my online stuff comes together, including an online space for my column and online diary.

I’m looking forward to a short break from teaching this Summer but thrilled to start with my new class for next year. New challenges and rewards! Most of all, fostering growth in students.

I hope to get comments from more of you in 2017-2018! That would be an awesome birthday present that keeps on giving ;)

2 Replies to “Looking up at 48 – The Damien Riley Podcast”

  1. happy b-day D! with age definitely comes wisdom!

    i also prefer my 43 to my 33 or even 23. so much truth in what u wrote here!

    keep up the great work and of course… keep watching movies!

    1. Thanks Rob! I really appreciate it! I hope we do more podcasts together in my next year on this earth ;) You’re a lot of fun and you have great things to say about films.

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