Inside MacEnroe's Brain

John MacEnroe was a gifted tennis player that was touched by tantrums in public. One can wonder if it was the result of his upbringing or rather a chemical issue in the brain. This post includes a video.

One of my favorite nutbars of the 70’s is John MacEnroe.  I remember my parents saying he was such a gifted player but he had terrible bouts of temper that sometimes cost him the game and match.  I remember seeing him shouting at umpires and the veins in his forehead sticking out.  I mean, he was powerful to behold when I was a young kid like 9 or 10.  I felt like that when I missed a shot.  But what about sportsmanship?  I got an earful from my parents about it when John came on TV.  I am sure he’s heard lectures and judgement all his life.

It makes me wonder about anger and the brain.  Could it be that chemicals are at fault or was it the way he was raised that made him think it was okay to challenge line referees with profanity on global television?  Something to think about as we are raising kids and doing our part in the world.

When I see him on TV nowadays, he’s smiling which is neat to see.  Anyway, remember to keep your temper in check.  Most of us don’t have the luxury of a fan club that will be cheering us on in the aftermath.  Enjoy this YouTube video that captures some classic MacEnroe tantrums:

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