House That Was, House That Will Be

Abandoned Beauty

The best artists must know when to retreat. I can pour myself into blogging and produce little effect. I suppose I always improve myself but art has a receiver as a crucial component. My level of effirt should be producing more readers so I’m backing away from past strategies. Onward and upward though. WordPress tells us that 25% of all websites are run on their software. That is really impressive. The question is, are they talking about 25% of all big traffic sites like the Los Angeles times or rather Jane or Joe on their couch writing recounts of their day? Either way I think WordPress is beautiful.

I think I might back off a little on all my blogging prompt posts. I can come up with my own ideas and enough people have connected with me through my blogging prompt days. I am extremely excited about embedding flickr and tumblr images. I think I’ll continue to do that with my own writing inspiration. I’ll do a few prompts here and there but today I realized it is a bit of follow for me considering all the stuff I have to do at work and home. It is damn fun though and I hope now that it’s not a #ROW80 goal of mine, I can do it on a purely “fun” level.

I am serious about posting more of my thoughts with amazing photos from flickr and tumblr so get ready! Also, the movie reviews should increase soon because starting mid December I have a couple weeks off to do nothing but. So … a great artist knows when to push I say as well as when to pull back. Right? I’m talking about abandoned beauty that becomes more beautiful when stepped away from. Isn’t this an amazing flickr photo?

Author: Damien Riley

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