Set Controls For The Road Ahead

Onward upward, keep on trucking … catch phrases like these are so helpful on life’s journey.

I can never get enough of photos like these.

I am driven to the road ahead. No matter what is going on around me good or bad, I always think about what is up artound the bend. I was like tis before I got married and had kids and when I was going through the early years of a family. I’m like that now, wth 2/3 still at home and in school and one moved out. Thankfully I can report I am still married.

But even now I’m peering into wha’s ahead. I’ll be one birthday older in June and I hope to be curious then. It’s the desire for more road that keeps me feeling young. Even when I ook in the mirror or at ohotos, I see a guy on a youthful quest. So, today without any further ado, I say … set controls for the road ahead, accelerate.

I reblogged this photo on tumblr.

Author: Damien Riley

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  1. “It’s the desire for more road that keeps me feeling young. ” It is always good to know what gives us passion and drive. (no pun intended!)

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