Taking A Blog Break

Hi. I wanted to let anyone who visits my blog know that I am going to step away for about a month.

I will be running recycled posts in that time.

I look forward to coming back inspired and refreshed after about a months time when I will be writing new posts again.

I hope you’ll keep visiting, some of my old posts still rock I say (if I do say so myself). In this break time, you can still interact with me on Twitter, @rileycentral I will still be posting content there to my Twitter accounts. See you in Mid-November!
-Damien Riley

Love Trumps Guns

The shootings in Las Vegas floored me but I’m not spouting anti-gun talk.
I am speechless in a way I haven’t been in years. I think it’s time to stop macro talk and focus on loving others in every micro way possible. That has to have an effect right?

Love trumps hate.

I know I won’t convince any gun lover they are wrong. I’ve tried until I’m blue in the face. They thing they are protecting themselves. How can I argue that? I’d like to see guns made illegal and government seizures of the crates made illegally. Wouldn’t it be better to at least limit the number of guns out there?

Beyond the gun debate, which wouldn’t have stopped this shooter in Vegas, I’m off to pursue love of all people. Compassion and caring shall be my banner. Even if you love guns, I still love you because you’re a person in the human condition along with me.

I’m Focused!

Being focused may take years but it’s the best feeling in the world. Go after your dreams as I have and the rest is your story. I’m living proof.

Prompted by: Focused | The Daily Post

I wear shoes that don’t require tying. I have  a zip drive where I keep every document I could ever need for work. I know a wide array of things and possess the skills to integrate them into the decorating of a classroom for 4th graders. I have instant coffee. I have two staplers in case one goes on the fritz. I have two puppets to keep students’ attention when they have that wax and waning look in their eyes.

I have a guitar strung with a pick interlaced in the strings I use to keep the day fluid and mellow with the kids. I have many theories I can try if the kids’ behavior isn’t perfect.

I have a computer upstairs where I do my recording. I have my own podcast at http://damienrileypodcast.podomatic.com/

I have a group podcast at https://talkingstarspodcast.wordpress.com/

You might call me a podcasting fool ;)

I write reviews of movies I see at Riley on Film and personal diary entries here at Riley Central. I blog. I’m focused ;)

The Moon The Crazy Planet

“Hike up your skirt a little more and show your world to me.”

 Planet | The Daily Post

See the moon it’s melting. Craziness in all of us comes from that molten river. Grab a cup, a bucket and get you some. There’s enough crazies to go around. We go to work and we rest, the moon keeps flowing out. I receive this planet into me, like a crash.

Disobey the Urge to Panic

When I feel anxious about something I imagine I have only 24 hours to live.

That puts things into perspective let me tell you. Nothing of tomorrow would concern me. I put it out of my head. The present and near moments are all I think about. This is a great activity for everyday life but certainly for those times when one is debilitated by worry or anxiety.

The urge to panic is all around. When you can remain calm amid stress, you may find people try to wreck your peace. I don’t know exactly what this is about but it happens to me. Put on a favorite song and play it over. Everyone should have that song and know how to access it in the important times. Know your favorite ice cream, donut, piece of art … absorb it. Disobey the urge to panic when it comes into your day. A little stress is ok, but save panic for the times it makes sense, like in an actual burning building. Panic can actually help you find strength in those situations. It’s called “Fight of Flight.”

Like punkers said in the 80’s, say fuck you to panic. Nobody wants yours and you shouldn’t take anybody’s either.

More at Home in the Present

Learning to relax was a key component for more peace in my life. I can say every bit of work I did toward that paid off and was well worth it.

What if now was all you had? Would you spend time to anticipate the future? What if now was to soon be the future and the future was soon to be now. Weird to think about.

Through the years I have learned the value of being content in the now. I used to long and yearn for the future and material things but I found that was fleeting. At my age now, I wish I could speak with my younger self and tell him, “Find calm.” For me, the truth is that the now is all there is.

I use Remember the Milk to remember my tasks and Google Calendar for events, like taking my kid to the orthodontist. These tools help me save it and leave it. I know a reminder will come so that gives me peace. These are just one thing I have done to make myself more at home in the present.

ROW80 Challenge – Check In 5/10/2015

imageROW80 Round 2 started April 6, 2015

Checking in late on a Sunday. Here’s a report of my progress toward goals.

  1. Daily Post prompt each day. Great practice. I can’t get the full effect because for some reason my blog is not sending ping backs. This could require literally starting again and re importing my best posts. Not happy this is not working. Stay tuned. Have done it every day despite.
  2. Include UBC link on FB and Twitter link with hashtags #ROW80  #blogboost  #journaling including commenting on other people’s blogs. – This is cake.
  3. Participate in Mid-week Wednesday and End-week Sunday check-ins for ROW80. – Here I am!
  4. Write in and keep up my paper journal / Bullet Journal daily using Journal Junkie’s May Challenge prompts (and April) or research pure bullet journal ideas and try some. Make a photo post on my Tumblr with these tag options #bullet journal   #journaling   #journaling-junkie   #paperjournal   #May journaling challenge – Did this every day. Troubleshooting the pingback issue has been stealing time.
  5. Crosspost above to my blog as a photo post. – done
  6. Post image one last time directly to Twitter as a photo status with one hashtag #journaling -done

For now goals are the same. This is a cool challenge. The Bullet Journal is something I want to explore much more.

Freddy Got Fingered #SoCS


This week’s #SoCS prompt is: “finger.” Use it any way you’d like. Have fun!

“Freddy Got Fingered” is a stupid movie but I laugh every time. The girls from the finger lakes also crack me up on Saturday Night Live. When Darren McGavin’s character on “A Christmas Story” is frustrated with his wife for breaking his leg lamp, a major award, he says, “You use all the glue on purpose!” then he says, “Not a finger!” Kids that steal from the drug store on their way home from school call it a “five finger discount.” People say when they have picked the right suspect from a lineup, he got “fingered.”

The middle finger, while fun, is generally considered rude.

Is the thumb a finger? If it is, the primates share an opposable one in common with us that sets us apart from the entire animal kingdom. Guys ordering whiskey in bars sometimes say “three fingers” to describe to the bartender how much they want in the glass. Josh Brolin’s character in “Everest” lost some of his fingers due to frostbite, and that was a true story. Of course we type on keyboards like the one in front of me with our fingers.

Little Help From Friends

This post is a response to the Daily Post prompt below:

When you do something scary or stressful — bungee jumping, public speaking, etc. — do you prefer to be surrounded by friends or by strangers? Why?

Source: Witness Protection | The Daily Post

When doing something risky or dangerous, I’ve found the nurturing encouragement of friends can help. In this photo I am jumping off a ladder into my friend’s pool. We’ve also swung from a rope on his tree into the pool. I recall just after graduation repelling down a rock with the support of a hiking team. It was awesome getting their words of encouragement. Strangers can be so impersonal.