Blog Safari 5/29/15

It was a great week, I got to read a lot of blogs. I’m experimenting with’s Reader to build my Blog Safari. So far I like it. I’ll let you know how it goes. This week I have 5 featured posts to share with you.

John at The Sound of One Hand Typing wrote a fun little memory piece about a time he was Sent to the Principal’s Office. In the foodie realm, Michael blogged about Breakfast at Duotian Fish Soup Noodles Restaurant, Vancouver including some awesome photos of the food :) Another excellent blogger I’ve recently found @Mark_S_Aldrich wrote Memory Screen, a lucid recollection from childhood. Mitch takes us into the business and leadership realm with The Early Marketing Of My Book Leadership Is/Isn’t Easy and Corinne gave us Contemplative Photography With Mallika Rajkumar.



Author: Damien Riley

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