A 3-Song Emotional “First-Aid” Playlist #mondaymusings

Music is an incredible medium. I have certain songs that transport me to a deep, thoughtful, pleasurable state every time I hear them. This is true in some cases after I have listened to them for even 40 years (I’m not all THAT old, 46 thank you you very much).

If I had to make a playlist of three emotional “First Aid” tunes, these three might qualify:

Name a few on your list if you have the time! The comments are open.

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Author: Damien Riley

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4 thoughts on “A 3-Song Emotional “First-Aid” Playlist #mondaymusings”

  1. Yours is an eclectic selection.
    Today mine would be
    – Springsteen’s Born to Run
    – Rick Wakeman’s Journey to the Centre of the Earth
    – The Beatles Yesterday

  2. – Brown Eyed Girl, Van Morrison – favourite song ever, has been since I was a kid, don’t even really know why, especially since I have blue eyes haha!
    – Hallelujah, Leonard Cohen original, covered by many, but my favourite version is a live one by Bon Jovi
    – Killing The Blues, Robert Plant & Alison Krauss
    Just three of many that take me to that deep, thoughtful, pleasurable state you reference.
    From another 46 yrs youngin’ like you … Marianne

    1. I like those. Gonna get the Cohen and Plant/Krauss tunes into my rotation on Apple music. Thank you. Isn’t it great to be young like we are??? ;)

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